Chef Hastings has become a regular contributor for Food Republic, a company and website founded on the idea that guys everywhere are putting food at the center of their lives like never before. His most recent article highlights the oyster industry in Alabama with a focus on Steve Crockett and his Point Aux Pins out of Bayou La Batre that we serve here at the restaurant. This is an informative yet story-telling article about what our state has to offer to our great nation.

Check out the article here. And find his other Letters From the South here.

<Beautiful Bayou La Batre>

<Point aux Pins fresh out of the water. Photo courtesy of Jason Wallis.>


Chef Hastings would like to encourage all young chefs to watch these three videos featuring the Masters is Food, Boulod, Vongerichten, and Keller. There is much to be learned form these fine men. Be sure to listen to Paul Bocuse’s urge to buy and use produce from as close to you as possible.

Click  here to watch Daniel Boulud, Jean Georges Vongerichten and Thomas Keller honor Paul Bocuse.


















If you don’t know of Point aux Pins Oysters already, you will!!! We have been serving them for a while now to great applause.

This boutique production hails from BAYOU LaBATRE Alabama. Steve Crockett, the mastermind behind it all, suspends juvenile oysters from Auburn University Shellfish Lab in wire baskets to keep them safe from major predators. The baskets also allow the oysters to be raised out of the water for enough time to allow air and sun to kill barnacles and other growths that slow the growth of the oyster. This also keeps the shell clean and attractive for high-end markets, such as restaurants like us, to serve large beautiful oysters. 

Crockett’s goal ‘to produce world class oysters’ has caught on and we are not the only ones. Whole Foods just announced 27 stores in the southeast, including our local Mountain Brook Whole Foods, will be carrying them. We suggest picking up a dozen or so for your holiday get together and support a local Alabama business.

Happy holidays everyone.



On Wednesday, Hot and Hot had the honor of hosting special guest Chef Andrew into our pastry kitchen. He worked closely with Chef Hastings and Pastry Chef Emily Reed to create his rendition of the Hot and Hot chocolate souffle.  

Andrew first met Chef Hastings at a celebratory dinner at Hot and Hot that his parents treated him to <at Andrew’s request> for his good grades. That night, Andrew was quick to accept Chef Hastings’ invitation to return for his 8th birthday to prepare a dessert. 

Andrew, with his own apron and chefs hat, came ready to work.  His tenacity and ambition were inspiring to all of us. Thank you Andrew. We expect big things!!! 



Last week we hosted Top Chef Kevin Gillespie, author of Fire In My Belly, at the Hot and Hot for a sold out guest chef dinner and cookbook signing. Seventy-eight guests dined on Smoked Trout Puffs with Bacon Jam, Grilled Oyster Mushrooms on Mascarpone Toast with Hot Giardiniera, Salad Lyonnaise with Duck Eggs, Coca-Cola Braised Pot Roast and Warm Banana Pudding.

 He took time after the dinner to sit down with Chef Hastings to discuss his new restaurant “Gun Show”. 



Watch the video to learn about Kevin’s vision behind the project, his unique way of serving the menu items, and why Chef Hastings finds it brilliantly dangerous. 



To find out more about Chef Gillespie, his Fall book tour and order your own copy of Fire In My Belly, check out his website: